MAPI Manual

Smart Content

You can include strings which have special meanings within the parameter values of certain API requests. Below is a table of those strings:

Note: The string patterns are all case sensitive.

String Pattern


Applies to


Include the column name of a contact book within [%%] to show the value of the column for a contact

show the value of the column for a contact

Broadcast/Service/Agile which has the contact group as the recipient

Hi [%Name%], is your address at [%Address%]?


Show the customer replied content for the “Ask Customer Rate Service” broadcast

Broadcast: Ask Customer Rate

A customer said [%reply_content%].


Show the name of the person who takes the job

Broadcast: Find a Worker

The job has been taken by f581f.


Show the integration broadcast/service/agile ID


The integration broadcast ID is [%MCPKEYWS_partner_bu_id%].


Show the title of a broadcast/service/agile


The title of this broadcast is [%MCPKEYWS_bu_title%].

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