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About Account

Account Management Concept

Mweb System has four different kinds of account, they are Root, Account Manager, Admin and Manager Account. Each of them plays different role in Mweb System and offers their holders specific authority to access different funcions. Understanding how these accounts work is crucial in the management of Mweb System. Thus, this section will help you to get through this and gain a general idea of their functionalities.

Account Management Structure

Mweb System is a powerful, easy-use and well-organized system. It doesn't only provide users with various modern communicational services, but also manages their accounts in a smart and secured way. All of the accounts are created and stored in different Organizations in various DataBase. The following Figure will help you to get understand what the structure is:


Figure 1: Account Management Structure diagram

Note: Organization could be created as a specific team, a department or even a corporation, depend on your needs.