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Account Management

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Mweb System has four different kinds of account, they are Root, Account Manager, Admin and Manager Account. Each of them plays different role in Mweb System and offers their holders specific authority to access different funcions. Understanding how these accounts work is crucial in the management of Mweb System. Thus, this section will help you to get through this and gain a general idea of their functionalities.

Account Pyramid

As mentioned above, although all of these four accounts are created in specific organizations, they play different roles in Mweb System for accessing its main functionalities and system management. Figure 1 below clearly shows the relationship between Root, Admin, Account Manager and Manager account and the different levels they belong to. Besides, the following list describes the definitions for each account:

  • Root Account: Root account is a system-level management account which locates at the top of Account Pyramid. It has the most authorities and can access almost all the management functions such as System Settings, Organization Creation, Bill Rates Settings and Account Creation. However, it doesn't have the authority to create Manager Account, and can not access the Mweb interfaces for customers neither.
  • Account Manager Account: This account is an organization-level management account, which is one level lower than Root. It is mainly used to create and manage organizations as well as relevant admin account, and cannot access the Mweb interfaces for customers.
  • Admin Account: Admin account focuses on the management within a specific organization such as editting organization details and administrating all the manager account. It is the only kind of management account in Mweb that can create manager account. Still, it is not available to access the Mweb customer interfaces.
  • Manager Account: Manager account is in the user level. It can access all the main services of MCP such as Contact Management, Broadcast Management, Service Management and Agile Management.Thus, it is the most used account by users.

Figure 1: Account Pyramid of Mweb System