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About Mweb

Mweb is the web interface of MCP (Multi-dimensional Communication Platform System) which automates communications through different channels, such as SMS, EMAILS, VIDEOS and VOICE CALLS. All the services MCP offers are cloud based services, you can easily access them online through Mweb and do not need to install any software applications in you computer. The image below shows the general structure of our system to you for your better understanding:


Figure 1: Structure of Mweb

MCP Conception:

MCP is a contact-oriented system. All MCP business foucs on contacts. In MCP's Contact Management, it provides Contact Book and Contact Group for users to store, categorize and administrate all their contact details. While MCP's Business Management is working on variuos services such as SMS/Email Bulk sending, Smart Video and Voice Calls. It provides customizable templates and stencils of each service for users to use. The diagram below shows this concept to you for your better understanding:


Figure 2: MCP Conception

Quick View of MCP Contact Management

In Mweb, Contact Management is divided into Three Levels - Contact Book, Contact Group and Contact. The definition of each part is listed below:

  • Contact Book: containing Contact Groups and their Contacts, defining different "Columns" to store details of each Contact.
  • Contact Group: as the name implies, it is a group of categorized Contacts, which is utilized as target recipients in SMS, Email, Voice Call and Video Services in Mweb.
  • Contact: contains the contact information for individuals.

The following figure clearly reveals the structure and relationship between the three parts:

Quick View of MCP Business Management

Mweb provides you with the following valuable business services. Check out these features to find the one fits your needs!

Please click on the above links to get more information.

1. Smart Bulk SMS/Email Sending and Tracking

The advantage of using Mweb to send SMS/Email is that you could send your messages or emails to any group of contacts that you have uploaded in our system just by switching the Contact Groups in an Agile Draft. Besides, you can even customize your text messages or emails such as adding their personal information in the contents for all the recipients just by quick setting some varibles in the draft. After any group of SMS or Email is sent, you can track their delivery status as well as replied messages.

2. Auto System-Customer Interaction Service

Mweb can interact with your customers through SMS based on your settings. It could help you to finish the jobs like Customer Survey or Items Return Tracking and gather customer feedbacks for you. What you need to do is just sending a Broadcast Draft with all your settings. Then the system will follow the workflows shown in the diagram below (Left: Customer Survey; Right: Key Return Tracking), react automatically based on their response and collect their replied messages.

3. SMS/Email Scheduled and Repeated Sending

Isn't it cool when all your SMS and Emails could be sent out at the exact time you set and repeatedly? Mweb can offer such powerful services to you! All you need to do is just to send an Agile Draft with your personal settings in its Time Control Panel (shown below), then our system will do the rests for you.

4. Smart Calls and Videos

Smart Call services in Mweb can call a group of people at the same time and broadcast the information customized by you! You can upload and store your own "wav" or "mp3" sound files into our system as backup content file (shown in the Left image), or even customize your personalized voice file in our system. When you are customizing voice files, Mweb allows you to choose different voices from male/female or different language, and even could transfer text to speech for you (shown in the right image).

Mweb Video services could be accessed from any products on which has been attached with a specific NFC tag or QR code. When users tap or scan on this code with their smart phone, their browser will open a page to access this function. Our system will analyze this code automatically to check whether it is valid or available for you to record a new video or not, and provide you with feedback information if error occurs. Image below displays the conceptual structure of one of our Smart Video service.

5. Customization

All of the above business services in Mweb are customizable. We will try our best to craft every personalized service for your special needs! If you are interested in our business services, please contact us through yvntech.com/Yvntech/contactus.jsp for more details.

MCP Architecture Model:


Figure 3: MCP Architecture Model

MCP Business Model:


Figure 4: MCP Business Model

MCP Dialog System

A dialog system is a computer system which converses with human in a specific structure. MCP dialog system allows you to achieve automated interaction with your customers through dialog map. Each dialog map has various workflows to interact with recipients according to their different responses. Mweb allows you to set the contents of each interactive SMS/Email as well as the managers who should receive the feedbacks. With the help of MCP dialog system, each service could be personalized by you. The following images shows the role of dialog system played in MCP and a sample dialog map to you for your better understanding.

introduction_dialogsystem map_template_rateservic

Figure 5: MCP Dialog System (Left) and Customer Survey Service dialog map (Right)

MCP Account Management

MCP has four different kinds of account, they are Root Account, Account Manager Account, Admin Account and Manager Account. Each of them plays different role in the system and offers their users specific authority to access different functions. Check out the image below to know their levels and privileges in MCP:


Figure 6: Account Pyramid

Note: Organization is designed for categorizing different business users to help them manage their own accounts and businesses in MCP. The definition of organization varies, it can be a company, a department, a group or even a person according to customers' needs.

The list below shows brief description of each MCP account:

  • Root Account: Root account is a system-level super account which locates at the top of MCP Account Pyramid. It has unlimited access to all the management functions such as System Settings, Organization Creation, Bill Rates Settings and Account Creation in MCP. Root account is mainly used by our System Administrators who only operate as the root users to perform system administration processes that require root privileges. For accessing any business functions such as SMS and Email sending, users need to use Manager Account.

    (To find out more about this account, please see "Root Account Manual")

  • Account Manager Account: Account Manager account is an system-level management account, which is one level lower than Root. It is mainly used to focus on the management of any organizations such as organization creation, bill rates setting and credit/balance managing in different databases. Account Manager account is created for our administrators such as Sells Manager or Marketing Manager who do not need to know the technical settings of the system but only take charge of management for the organizations and businesses.

    (The only difference on usages between Account Manager Account and Root Account is: Account Manager Account cannot access "System Settings" and creation of "Root" and "Account Manager account". The other functions between them are the same. Thus, you can find out all the guides of Account Manager account in "Root Account Manual")

  • Admin Account: Admin account is an organization-level management account which focuses on the management within a specific organization such as editing organization details and administrating all the manager account. It can be created for the Organizational Administrator of our customers to allow them to manage their specific organizations or groups.

    (To find out more about this account, please see "Admin Account Manual")

  • Manager Account: Manager account is a business account which has the authorities to access any business related functions in MCP such as Contact Management, Broadcast Management, Service Management, Agile Management and File Management. It can be used by all the standard business users to achieve their commercial requests through our system.

    (To find out more about this account, please see "Manager Account Manual")

System Requirements

Mweb is accessible on all kinds of mobile and desktop devices with a modern web browser. It has broad supports for the vast majority of all modern platforms. The browser on your device needs to have JavaScript turned on. It also needs to be HTML5 compliant. In order to enjoy an enhanced HTML experience, we encourage using the latest version of your favorite browser.


Figure 7: Mweb running platforms and supported browsers

Note: When viewed in HTML5-capable browsers, contents and other information on Mweb pages may be cached on your device for improved performance. You could clear all these information in your browser's "Settings" option for security reasons.