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Bill Rates

Bill Rates section provides you with an overview of charging details in each channel (SMS/Email/Video/Voice Call) for this organization. To access this page, you need to follow the listed steps below.

Step 1: click the home icon "" in the Header to open Home Panel on the left of this page, and then click "admin_billrates_tab" button to enter the Bill Rates Page as shown in Figure 1.

admin_billrates_page Book Tab

Figure 1: Bill Rates page

Step 2: click on each channel's link in the list to display the related bill rates as shown in Figure 2. You also need to read and understand the following terms to get to know how Bill Rate function works:

  • Rate Flag - defines different group of Mobile Numbers or Emails with symbol %. For example, symbol "%" represents "any". Rate Flag "+6140%" represents any mobile numbers started with"+6140"; and Rate Flag "+614101%" means any mobile numbers started with "+61401"; If both of them exist, the former Rate Flag won't affects the latter one.
  • Rate Unit - specifies different types of charging methods: "1" represents charges on "Amount" (per Email or per SMS); "2" means charges on "Time" (Minutely).
  • Rate CC - cost for each single unit.
  • Rate SW - cost for using Mweb System.
  • Minimum Rate - shows the minimum spend on our service each month.
  • Description - description of this Bill Rate.

Figure 2: Bill Rates in SMS Channel