Admin Account Manual

Organization Management


Routers section allows you to check, edit or delete any routers created for your organization. The following steps will guide you to use these functions one by one.

Step 1 - Check Routers in the main page: click the home icon "" in the Header to open Home Panel on the left, and then click "admin_organization_routers" button to enter the Routers Main Page as shown in Figure 1. In this page, you could view the general information such as "Router System Name" and "Channel Type" of any router in the organization.


Figure 1: Routers main page

Step 2 - View More Details: click any routers on their "ROUTER SYSTEM NAME", then you will see more details from the following three pages:

  • Router - this page lists all the detailed information of a router: Channel Type, Router Title, Work Mode, Router Type, Gateway Assign Type, Lock destination seconds, Channel Funclass ID, Is Active and Priority.
  • admin_organization_routers_router

    Figure 2: Single Router's Details

  • Rules - this page displays all the charging rules applied on this router.
  • admin_organization_routers_rules

    Figure 3: Charging Rules

  • Resources - this page lists all the resources of this router.
  • admin_organization_routers_resources

    Figure 4: Resources Page

Step 3 - Edit/Delete a Router: in the "Router" page, you could edit the details of a router. Or you could click on the Delete button on the footer to delete it.