Admin Account Manual


Mweb Admin Account is a higher level account than Manager Account. It is used to manage any Manager Account in the same Organization. The image below shows their relationships:


Figure 1: Relationship between Admin Account and Manager Account

Admin Account is available to create new Manager Account without accessing the Sign Up page, reset Manager Account's password, recharge as well as check usage details for them. However it cannot access Mweb main functions such as Contacts Management, Broadcast Management and Agile Management. The main functionality of Admin Account can be divided into the following two parts:

  • Organization Management: Admin Accounts are created for management of specific organizations. One organization is allowed to have more than one Admin Accounts. Using these Admins will grant the authority for you to edit any details of this organization (except Organization ID and Database), check bill rates for different channels (SMS, Email, Video and Voice Call), view all the Manager Accounts and their usage details.
  • User Management: Admin Account is available to manage any Manager Account in this organization such as creation, credits management, basic settings management and password reset.


Figure 2: Overview of Mweb Admin Account

Note: Admin Account only has the authority to manage the Manage Accounts in its organization.