Admin Account Manual

User Management


Users page offers you convenient accesses to manage all the Manager Accounts. You could "Add", "Edit" any manager accounts and "Recharge" or "Change Password" for them in this section.

Add a Manager Account

Step 1: click the home icon "" in the Header to open Home Panel on the left of this page, and then click "admin_Users_Tab" button to go to the Users List Page.


Figure 1: Users List page

Step 2: Click the Add Button on the footer to open Add User page. Finish all text fields and then click Save Button to create a new manager account.


Figure 2: Manager Account creation page

Note: "Access Control" and "Access Apps Control" are still under development, please leave them empty when you create an account.

Results: When Save Button is clicked, the page will be redirected to the Users List Page again. Now you could find your new created account has been added at the top of the user list.

Note: Created manager accounts are not deletable.