Root Account Manual

Organization Management

Manage Organization Balance

The process of managing the organization's balance is mostly the same way with managing a Manager Account's credits (see: "Admin User Management"-->"Credit Management"), the difference is the targets are various organizations. To access this function, you need to follow the listed steps below:

Step 1: Access the System Management Options as shown in the first two steps in System Setting, then click "root_org_balance" button to go to the Organization Balance List Page.


Figure 1: Organization Balance List Page

Step 2: click on the links in the ORGANIZATION NAME Column (here, we take "First Organization" in the list as an example) to access the Organization Balance Editing Page (as shown in Figure 2).


Figure 2: Organization Balance Editing Page

Step 3: the following steps such as Recharge, Add credit and Usage Checking are the same with the ones in Admin User Management. (see more details at "Admin User Management"-->"Credit Management")