Manager Account Manual

Account Settings Guide

Sign in

To sign in to the Mweb System, you need to follow the following steps:

Step 2: Enter your account name which is the Email Address you used for sign-up.

Step 3: Enter your password, and then click Sign in Button.

Note: Checking the box next to Stay signed in will automatically log you in each time you visit Mweb. When you check the box and log in, Mweb sets a cookie to remember you when you return to the site from the same computer. This makes for easier access to Mweb, but if you visit Mweb from a computer that other people have access to, automatically logging in may not be the best option for security reasons.

Sign out

To sign out of Mweb Sytem, you need to follow the listed steps below:

Step 1: click the home icon "" in the Header to open Home Panel on the left of this page.

Step 2: click "Contact Book Tab" button to log out Mweb System.

Note: If you sign out of your account, the 'Stay signed in' function will be turned off. When you return to the site, you need to sign in to access your account. When using public computers like in a library or cybercafe, remember that you may still be signed in to Mweb even after you close the browser. So when using a public computer, be sure to sign out.

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