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Agile management concept

Within agile section, the workflow of an agile activity is simple. It only contains sending and receiving SMS/Emails between the user and the contact/contact group. The difference between a broadcast and an agile activity is that the broadcast has a more complicated workflow. In the form of a dialogmap, a broadcast has more nodes and links than an agile activity.


Create an agile message

Open the home panel by clicking the top-left home icon, and then choose 'Agile' to go to the agile page.


From there, you can see three tabs below the header. The tabs are categorized by the status of the agile messages. Given below is a list of descriptions of these tabs:

  • Draft - contains all the agile message drafts. You can create new messages under this section. Please note that the message that has the status of 'draft' ('Keep Draft' set to 'OFF') will be removed from this section once it has been started.
  • Running - shows the agile messages that are currently being sent.
  • Completed - shows the agile messages that have the status of 'complete'. The details of each message are also provided, including a list of the inbound and outbound messages.

Click Add at the left of the footer, and then you need to choose a template. For now, we'll use 'SMS' as an example.


Next, you need to choose a stencil. Here, we'll use 'send group sms' as an example.


Then you'll be taken to the agile message creation page. Given below is a list of descriptions of the fields within the form:

  • Name - name of the message.
  • Contact group - specifies the recipient group of the message.
  • Mobile column - specifies which column contains the mobile number.
  • Message - the content of the message. The 'Insert a Variable' drop down list contains the column names. When entering the message content, choose a column from this drop down list and then the representation of its value will be inserted at the cursor position. When the message is started, this representation will be replaced by the actual value.
  • Keep Draft - if value is 'ON', the message will be saved after it has been sent; otherwise, it will be deleted.

Once you complete the form, click Save to save the details of the message, or click Send to send the message out instantly.


Create a repeating agile message

When you create a message within Agile, you can make it repeat over a period of time like once a week or every other Monday. Repeating messages saves you the time and effort it would take to create multiple separate messages and let's you easily change all messages in the series at once.

To create a repeating message, choose a stencil with the repeat functionality like 'Send group SMS repeat'.


On the message creation page, click repeat schedule to open the repeat settings.


In the pop-up window that appears, choose your desired settings, and then click Done.

Note that the repeat schedule has four parts: the start, the repetition, the max occurrences and the end.

Example: [Every 2 weeks on Monday, maximum 10 Times From: 2014-02-27 12:00:00 To: 2014-08-20 12:00:00]. The start is '2014-02-27 12:00:00', the repetition rule is 'repeats every 2 weeks on Monday', the max occurrences is '10 Times', and the end is '2014-08-20 12:00:00'.


Review the summary field under the repeat schedule button to make sure your settings are correct.


Once you've completed the message's other details, click Save. There you go, you've created a series of recurring agile messages.


Send an agile message

There are two ways to send an agile message. You can send an agile message when creating it. Simply click Send at the footer of the message creation page.

The other way to send an agile message is explained as follows. Go to the agile messages list by clicking the Draft tab on the 'Agile' page. Click the message that you want to send.


Then you'll be taken to the message page. Click Send at the footer of this page to send the message instantly.



Activity and Message Histories

Once an agile message has been sent, you can check out the details of this agile activity, which include the status, the activity details, the outbound and inbound messages.

Click the Completed tab under the header on the 'Agile' page, and you'll see a list of agile activities that have completed. Next, click one of these activities to go to the activity information page.


Under the 'Activity' section, the details of this agile activity are provided.

Switch to the 'Messages' section by clicking the Messages tab under the header.


From there, you'll see the outbound and inbound messages of this agile activity. The messages are grouped by the contacts within the contact group. The inbound messages are highlighted in blue. The total count of messages for each contact is shown on the top-right corner of each list item.

Click Show Inbound to switch to the inbound messages only.