Manager Account Manual

Agile Management Guide

Agile management concept

The dialog map of a Mweb Agile activity is simple. It contains only ONE Node which is sending and receiving SMS/Emails between the users and the recipients in specific Contact Groups. The difference between a Broadcast and an Agile activity is that Broadcasts have more complicated work flows, which means it has more nodes and links than Agile. However, the simplification of Agile will bring large benefits to its users. It could help you to send out bulk SMS or Email in the quickest way, and support the scheduled repeat sending.

Create an agile message

Step 1 - Prepare specific columns in Contact Book:

Prepare the following columns in Contact Book for proper use of Agile functionalities.


Figure 1: recommended columns created for all Agile templates

Step 2 - Access the "Agile Page":

Click the home icon "" in the Header to open Home Panel on the left of this page, and then click "Contact Book Tab" button to enter Agile Page.

Step 3 - Recognize the function of each tab:

In the Agile Page, you will see three tabs below the header. These tabs are categorized by the status of the Agile Drafts. Given below is a list of descriptions of their functions:

  • Draft - lists all the service drafts. Draft creation, editing, sending and deletion are achieved in this section.
  • Running - shows the agile messages that are currently running.
  • Completed - shows the Agile drafts that have finished sending. The details of any Agile activities are also provided in this page.

Figure 2: Agile Page

Step 4 - Choose the SMS or Email template:

Click Add Button on the footer, and then you need to choose a template in the Agile Template Page. In this case, we'll use SMS as an example.


Figure 3: Agile Template page

Step 5 - Choose the SMS or Email stencil:

Choose a stencil in the Agile Stencil Page. Here, we'll use send group sms stencil as an example.


Figure 4: Agile Stencil page

Step 6 - Finish the Agile Creation Form:

Complete the Agile Creation Form. Given below is a list of descriptions of the fields within the form:

  • Name - name of the Agile draft.
  • Contact group - specifies the Contact Group where the SMS/Email will be sent to.
  • Mobile column - specifies the column that stores contacts' Mobile Numbers in a Contact Group.
  • Message Content - specifies the content of the sending SMS/Email. You can see there are several Insert a Variable drop down lists which contain all the column names of the chosen Contact Group. When entering the message content, choose a column from the drop down list and then the representation of its value will be inserted. When the broadcast is started, this representation will be replaced by the actual value.
  • Keep Draft - if value is 'ON', the new created Agile draft will be saved after it has been sent; otherwise, it will be deleted.

Figure 5: Agile Creation form

At Last:

Once you complete the form, click Save to save the details of the message, or click Send Button to send the message out instantly.