Manager Account Manual

Agile Management Guide

Activity and Message Histories

Once an Agile draft is sent, you can check any details of this Agile activity such as Sending Status, Activity Details, Outbound and Inbound messages histories through the following steps.

Step 1 - Access the "Running" or "Completed" section:

Click the Running or Completed tab under the header in the Agile Page to show the running or completed Agile drafts, then click the one you want to check the details .

Step 2 - Check draft settings in "Activity":

Click Activity Tab in the opened page to check the settings of this draft.


Figure 1: check settings of an Agile draft in "Activity"

Step 3 - Check SMS or Email histories in "Message":

Switch to the Messages Section by clicking the Messages Tab under the header to check all the outbound and inbound messages of this agile activity. You can clearly see that these messages are grouped in different contacts, while inbound messages are highlighted in blue. The total amount of messages for each contact is also shown on their upper-right corner.


Figure 2: check all the message histories in "Message"

Step 4 - Check inbound messages only:

Click Show Inbound Tab to display inbound messages only for each contacts.


Figure 3: check only inbound messages