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Apps Store Guide

The apps store contains a list of apps that you can purchase, install and uninstall. An app corresponds to a template of a dialogmap.

To go to the apps store, open the home panel by clicking the home icon on the left of the header, and then click Apps Store.

The apps are listed in the form of tiles. On each tile shows the app's name, category and the price information. If the app has been installed, an 'Installed' label will be shown on the top-right corner of the tile.


Click one of the apps to go to the app information page. This page shows the app's name, description, dialogmap and the price information. To install or uninstall an app, click Install or Uninstall on the footer of this page.


If you install an app, the app will be added to the templates of its category. For example, install the app 'Find a worker'. After successful installation, it'll be added to the templates of 'Broadcast'.

Similarly, if you uninstall an app, the app will be removed from the templates of its category.