Manager Account Manual

Broadcast Management Guide

Broadcast Management

All Broadcasts provided by Mweb are based on SMS channel, their highly automatic and interactive functions allow you to achieve different activities such as Customer Survey and Meeting Reminder for your own companies or your customers. Besides, you could also create and operate tons of Broadcast Drafts at the same time with your customized SMS contents. Please click on the following Tabs to know more about Broadcast Management.

Create a broadcast

Step 1 - Access the "Broadcasts Page":

Click the home icon "" in the Header to open Home Panel on the left of this page, and then click "Contact Book Tab" button to enter Broadcasts Page.

Step 2 - Recognize the function of each tab:

In the Broadcasts Page, you will see three tabs below the header. These tabs are categorized by the status of the broadcasts. Given below is a list of descriptions of their functions:

  • Draft - lists all the broadcast drafts. Draft creation, editing, sending and deletion are achieved in this section.
  • Running - displays all the broadcasts that are currently running. You can also check the SMS messages sending status in this part.
  • Completed - shows the broadcasts that have finished sending. The details of the broadcast activities are also provided in this page.

To create a new broadcast, click the Draft tab first, and then click Add Button on the footer.


Figure 1: Broadcasts Page

At Last:

When Add Button is clicked, you will be redirected to the Broadcast Template Page and required to choose a Broadcast Temple to finish the Broadcast creation. Please click the Broadcast Template tab at the top of this page to see more information about each Broadcast Template.