Manager Account Manual

Broadcast Management Guide

Message Sending Histories and Node Reports

Mweb allows you to check the Message Sending Histories of any of your Broadcast and relevant Nodes' Activities in the Running Section and Completed Section.

Step 1 - Access the "Running" or "Completed" section:

Click the Completed Tab or the Running Tab in the Broadcasts Page to find the broadcast that you want to check the information, then click it to go to the Broadcast Information Page.


Figure 1: find your Broadcast in Running or Completed Section

Step 2 - Click "Messages" tab:

Click the Messages Tab under the header. From the returned page, you'll see a message list which shows the last message that Received(black words)/Replied(blue words) by each contact. Moreover, the total amount of messages for each contact is shown on the top-right corner of them.


Figure 2: Message history list of each contact in the "Message" page

Step 3 - Check the SMS history of a specific contact:

Click the contact which you want to check from the list (here we click contact "drakeLi" as an example ), and then you'll see its Outbound Message (Marked by "1" in Figure 3), Delivery Status (Marked by "2" in Figure 3) and Inbound Message (Marked by "3" in Figure 3).


Figure 3: message details of a sample contact

Step 4 - Check the inbound messages only:

Click the Show Inbound tab in this page to display the inbound messages only.


Figure 4: only show Inbound Messages

Step 5 - Check the statistics for each Node:

To get a summary of each Broadcast Nodes' activities in these processes, you need to switch to the Report tab.


Figure 5: check the statistics information of broadcast Nodes in processes