Manager Account Manual

Contact Management Guide

Create a contact group

After the creation of a Contact Book, the next thing you need to do is to create a Contact Group. With contact groups you can easily organize your contacts, making it easier to communicate with a specific group of people. As described in the previous instructions, Contact Group is a subset of Contact Book.

Step 1 - Access the "Contact Group" page:

Click the home icon "" in the Header to open Home Panel on the left of this page, and then click "Contact Book Tab" button to enter Contacts Page. Next, click Contact Group tab under the header to open the Contact Group page.

Contact Group Tab

Figure 1: Contact Group page

Step 2 - Create your Contact Group:

Click Add Button on the footer to show Contact Group creation form. Finsh every option shown in Figure 1 and choose a Contact Book for this Contact Group to inherit the Contact Book's columns. At last, click Save Button to finish the creation.

Contact Group Form

Figure 2: Contact Group creation form

When the creation is finished, the page will redirects to the Contact Group page. Now, you are ready to add Contacts to this group.