Manager Account Manual

Contact Management Guide

Grant access to a contact group

You can grant any people an access to any one of your Contact Groups by generating an Authentication Link. This link allows them to open the Contacts List Page and View, Add, Load, Edit and even Delete any Contacts in this Contact Group, but they are not permitted to access any other sections (for example, Contact Book or other services) in your account. You also could set a Password or a Valid Period of Time for this link for security reasons.

Step 1 - Access the button of this function:

Click on a Contact Group in the Contact Group Page. Then you'll be taken to the Contacts List Page. Click the icon on the right of footer as shown in Figure 1 to access this function.


Figure 1: The location of making Authentication Link button in the Contacts List page

Step 2 - Finish the "Authentication Link creation form":

A pop-up panel with two options will appear after you clicked that button. Click Make authentication link, and then the link creation form will be opened as shown in Figure 2 with the following fields:

  • Title - the name of this Authentication Link.
  • Key - a password to open this link. Contents in this field are alphanumeric characters only.
  • From Date - the start time of this link being valid. Click the icon at the right of the field, and then edit the start Date and Time in a pop-up panel.
  • To Date - the end time of this link being valid.

Figure 2: Authentication Link creation form

Step 3 - Generate authorized link:

Complete the form shown in the previous step and click Create Button to generate the link. If created successfully, a link will be appended to the form as shown in the following figure.


Figure 3: Generated link in the Link Creation Form

At Last:

To use this link, you need to Right Click on it, select Copy Link Locaiton in the popped up menu and send it to others. The link users need to copy this address and paste it into the URL Address Field in a browser and open it.

Note: When creating the link, the end time must not be equal or earlier than the start time, otherwise the created link will not work correctly.