Manager Account Manual

Contact Management Guide

How to opt out of SMS/emails

Mweb system provides TWO methods for users to opt out of receiving SMS/Emails: Opt Out in Contacts or Recipients reply opt out messages.

Step 1 - Prepare "Opt Out" column in Contact Book:

To achieve the OPT OUT function, you need to create a column in a Contact Book with the Fix Column ID setting as OPTOUT_CHANNEL, and the Data Type of this column should be TEXT.


Figure 1: Creating an OPT OUT column

Step 2 - Choose the Opt Out method

Option 1 - OPT OUT in Contacts:

You just need to enter 'SMS' or 'EMAIL' or 'SMS,EMAIL' (case-insensitive) in the OPT-OUT column of Contacts,then Mweb system will stop sending SMS messages or Emails or Both to them.


Figure 2: Setting in Contacts to achieve OPT OUT function

Option 2 - Recipients reply opt out messages:

If recipients reply the SMS message received from our system with 'OPTOUT' (case-insensitive) as contents, Mweb will stop sending SMS messages to them.

1. "Step 3" is ONLY used to opt out SMS, not Emails;
2. the replied content should follow the format of 'OPTOUT', space between the characters is unacceptable in this case.