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Contact Management Guide

Load contacts

As mentioned, Mweb System does not only allows users to add Contacts manually, but also offers Contacts Uploading function for them to add massive Contacts into their Contact Groups at one time. The following steps will show you how to access this function correctly.

Step 1 - Prepare the "Contacts Uploading" file:

There are two options for you to prepare a "Contacts Uploading" file properly: create a new uploading file or transfer an excel file to an uploading file

Option 1: Create a New Uploading File

  • File Type: TEXT or CSV files.
  • File Content: as shown in the figure below, the first row in this file lists all the columns such as "Name", "Address", "Mobile" and "Email", which are divded by comma and no space exists among them; the second row is set as empty to distinguish the column row and contacts row, which is optional because Mweb Sytem will skip it when loading contacts; the rests are details of contacts, and they should be sequenced as the same as column row and separated by comma as well.

Figure 1: Sample of Upload Contacts text file

Note: listing column names in the first row is optional. You could fill the first row with contact details, but make sure that different details in each contact are separated by the same separator and listed in the same sequence.

Option 2: Transfer an Excel File to an Uploading File

If you have already had an Excel File containing all your contacts, you can easily transfer it to a correct uploading file by "Save as" to a "Text (Tab delimited)" or a "CSV (Comma delimited)" type file.

Note: when you store the mobile numbers in an Excel file, the first number "0" may be removed automatically by the software and the mobile numbers will be kept as shown in "Figure 2". In this case, you do not need to worry about it, because Mweb will automatically check their format and add prefix "+61" for them when uploading.


Figure 2: Contacts stored in an Excel file

Step 2 - Access "Contacts Uploading" page:

Click Load Button in the footer of the Contacts List page to open the Contacts Uploading Page.


Figure 3: Contacts List Page

Step 3 - Choose the delimiter:

At the top of Contacts Uploading Page, choose the type of delimiters that separate the contact details in your text file. In this case, we need to select "Comma".


Figure 4: Delimiter choosing

Note: If the uploading file is "Text (Tab delimited)" type, please choose "Tab" as the delimiter.

Step 4 - Check whether the first row is title row or not:

Tick the First Line is Title checkbox if the first row in your text file lists column names, thus the system will not upload them as contact details.


Figure 5: First line checkbox

Note: this checkbox is ticked as default. If the first line lists contact details in your text file, please untick it.

Step 5 - Select the "Contacts Uploading" file from local address:

Click Choose File Button to select your text file. Once the file has been import, two new sections will add to the current page:

  • File Display Section: it reveals information such as File Size and Read Bytes of your text file, and the organized details of the first five rows.
  • Column Mapping Section: in this section, you need to match the columns in your text file and the ones in target Contact Group by manually select them in relevant dropdown lists.

Figure 6: File Display Section and Column Mapping Section

At Last:

When finishing editing, click Load Button on the footer to confirm the uploading. A popup dialog box will then appear in the middle of the screen, indicating the outcome of the uploading procedures. If it succeeds, the page will redirects back to the Contacts List Page where lists both the newly uploaded contacts and the existing ones.

Note: It will take some time for the indicating dialog box to pop-up, especially when you are uploading a large file of Contacts (for instance, 10000 Contacts in one file). So please don't click on the Upload Button again to avoid duplicate uploading.