Manager Account Manual

Contact Management Guide

Manually add contacts

Mweb supports TWO ways to add contacts: Manually Contacts Adding or Automatically Contacts Uploading. In this part, we will introduce you with how to add contacts one by one manually.

Step 1 - Choose the Contact Group where you want to add Contacts:

Click the home icon "" in the Header to open Home Panel on the left of this page, and then click "Contact Book Tab" button to enter Contacts Page. Next, click on the Contact Group where you want to add Contacts from the group list.

List of Contact Groups

Figure 1: Choose the Contact Group to add Contacts

Step 2 - Click "Add" button:

Now, you must be in the Contacts List Page in a Contact Group. To add a contact, click Add Button on the footer.

Contact Group Page

Figure 2: Contacts List Page in a Contact Group

Step 3 - Input Contact details:

Fill the Contact Creation form and submit it by clicking Save Button on the footer.

New Contact Form

Figure 3: Input Contact details in the Contact Creation form

Step 4 - Check your new added Contact in the Contacts List page:

You'll be taken back to the Contacts List Page where you could click any Contacts to Edit/Delete them.

Contact List

Figure 4: Contacts listed in the Contacts List Page

Note: Don't leave the name of Contacts empty, otherwise the system will not display your Contacts in the list.

By now, you have successfully created your own Contact Book, Contact Group and added your Contacts. You are ready to start a Mweb's Multi-channel function - Broadcast, Agile or Service.