Manager Account Manual

Credit Management Guide

Credit management concept

Credit management allows users to check the "Balance", "Credit Limits" as well as "Usage Details" of their account. It also provides an online payment function for the users to recharge conveniently.

View Credit Details

Step 1 - Access the main page of "Credit":

Click the home icon "" in the Header to open Home Panel on the left of this page, and then click "Credit Management Icon" button to access the main page of "Credit".


Figure 1: main page of "Credit"

Step 2 - Check the credit details of your account:

In the "Credit" page, you can see the details of the following four elements:

  • Balance: Data in balance field shows how much funds left in your account. It can be positive number or minus depends on how much you have used and your "Credit Limit".
  • Credit Limit: showing how much credits you can pre-use after your "Balance" reaches 0. For instance, when the "Credit Limit" is 100, you can keep using your account without recharging till "Balance" reaches -100.
  • Latest usage time: showing the latest time when you used MCP to send out SMS, Emails or Voice Calls.
  • Latest charge time: showing your latest recharging date and time.