Manager Account Manual

Credit Management Guide


Step 1 - Access the main page of "Credit":

Click the home icon "" in the Header to open Home Panel on the left of this page, and then click "Credit Management Icon" button to access the main page of "Credit".

Step 2 - Start your payment:

Click the Recharge Button on the footer to start your recharging process.


Figure 1: click the "Recharge" button in the "Credit" page

Step 3 - Confirm your account:

In the opened page, confirm the account that you want to recharge, then click "Continue" button.

Step 4 - Purchase Credits:

A single "Credit Pack" worths 10 dollars, so input the number of "Credit Pack" that you want to purchase in the "Quantity" field, then click "Buy Now".


Figure 2: purchase credits

Step 5 - Finalize your payment:

In the opened page, you can still check your payment details and then choose a payment method to finalize your recharging process.


Figure 3: purchase credits