Manager Account Manual

File Management Guide

File management concept

File management mainly focuses on managing any items such as Document File, Image, Voice File and Video File that are uploaded by users. All these files could be downloaded or further sent to different contacts through Broadcast, Agile and Service. Besides, file management also supports "Text to Speech" function which allows you to transfer text to voice for future use.

Upload a File

Step 1 - Access the main page of "Files":

Click the home icon "" in the Header to open Home Panel on the left of this page, and then click "File Management Icon" button to access the main page of "Files" where lists all the uploaded or created files by this account.


Figure 1: main page of "Files"

Step 2 - Access the "File Upload Page":

Click Add button on the footer to go to the File Upload Page.


Figure 2: File Upload Page

Step 3 - Finish settings in the "File Upload Page":

Finish all the text fields such as "File Name" and "Description"; select the correct "Format" and "Type" for your file, and choose your file from local address, then click "Save" button to finish uploading.


Figure 3: finish all the contents in File Upload Page (sample)

At Last:

It will return to the main page of "Files" if your file is uploaded successfully. The new uploaded file will always be added at the top of this list as shown in the figure below.


Figure 4: new added file in the main page of "Files"

Note: "Files" is still under development, only "wav" files can be uploaded successfully so far.