Manager Account Manual


Manager Account is a business account of Mweb System for all business users. When holding a manager account, you can access all the major functions our system provides: Contact Management, Broadcast Management, Service Management, Agile Management and File Management:

  • Contact Management: providing Contact Books and Contact Groups for you to store and manage your contacts.
  • Broadcast Management: providing various automated and interactive SMS, Email and Voice Call broadcast functions such as SMS Customer Survey broadcast and Voice Call Payment Reminder broadcast for users.
  • Service Management: offering tons of videos and SMS bridging services.
  • Agile Management: supporting SMS/EMAIL quick sending, single/bulk sending and repeat sending functions.
  • File Management: allowing you to add, upload, store and edit any files into our system for future use such as storing voice files for Broadcast Voice Call functions.

Figure 1: Overview of Mweb Manager Account

Note: You can register your own Manager Account directly from the Log In Page (see: Sign Up), or create it using an Admin Account (see: Add a Manager Account).