Manager Account Manual

Service Management Guide

Service management concept

Mweb Services provide functions over the web for users. The work flow of a service can be represented in the form of a dialog map which consists of nodes and links. The main functional difference between Services and Broadcasts is that a service begins with waiting for the incoming requests from users or other applications and then response, while a broadcast starts with delivering text messages or Email to a specific Contact Group.

Create a service

Step 1 - Access the "Services Page":

Click the home icon "" in the Header to open Home Panel on the left of this page, and then click "Contact Book Tab" button to enter Services Page.

Step 2 - Recognize the function of each tab:

In the Services Page, you will see three tabs below the header. These tabs are categorized by the status of the Service Drafts. Given below is a list of descriptions of their functions:

  • Draft - lists all the service drafts. Draft creation, editing, sending and deletion are achieved in this section.
  • Running - shows the services that are currently running. You can change the status of the service by Pausing/Restarting/Stopping it. You can also find out the details of the service in this section.
  • Completed - shows the services that have finished sending. The details of any service activities are also provided in this page.

To create a new service, click the Draft tab first, and then click Add Button on the footer.


Figure 1: Services Page

At Last:

When Add Button is clicked, you will be redirected to the Service Template Page and required to choose a Service Temple to finish Service creation. Please click Service Template tab in this page to see more information about Service Template selection.