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Mweb provides various Service Templates for you to choose to access different service functions. Click on the Tabs below to start learning how all these services work!

Template: Bridge SMS Service

This service redirects text messages sent by the authenticated users to a specified Contact Group. Once the broadcasts have been successfully delivered to the contacts that belong to the Contact Group, the contacts and the users can chat through SMS directly.

Given below is a description of the work flow for the Bridge SMS Service dialog map:

  • Step 1: A user sends a text message to the service number. Once the server receives this text message, it verifies the mobile number to check whether the number matches the list of authenticated mobile numbers. If the authentication is successfully matched, it'll go to Step 2; otherwise, it will do nothing until the mobile number is verified.
  • Step 2: The service resend the text message out to every contact that belongs to the specified contact group.
  • Step 3: Once the contacts receive the text message, they can reply to it individually. Responses to the message will be delivered only to the original sender in separate messaging threads. At this stage, the connection between the user and contacts has been established so that they can chat through SMS directly.

Figure 1: dialog map of "Bridge SMS Service"

Step 1 - Choose the "Bridge SMS Service" template:

Choose the Bridge SMS Service Template from Service Template Page.


Figure 2: choose "Bridge SMS Service" template in Service Template Page

Step 2 - Finish the Service Creation Form:

Click the icon "" under the header to see the dialog map of this service and get understood how it works. Then finish the Service Creation Form in this page.

Given below is a list of descriptions of some fields within the form:

  • Service channel - the channel through which the service is running.
  • Service router - a service number that triggers the service. For each service number, it can only be used by one running service. Once a service number is occupied, it'll become hidden from other services. This number can be released only after the service is not in 'Start' state. Please note that currently we only have 2 SMS numbers for service router. Therefore, if you cannot find a number, it means others have already created a service with this number and that service is still running.
  • Set authenticated mobile numbers - specify the mobile numbers that the service accepts. The numbers are separated by commas. The percent sign(%) matches zero or more numbers, such as '%4155979%'.

Figure 3: Service Creation Form

At Last:

Complete the form and click Save Button on the footer to save the service draft.